Who are our partners?

  • South African Catholic Bishops Conference
  • Department of Health and Social Development
  • Missio Aachen in Germany
  • Priorities Fund in the Netherlands


  Plans for the next 12 months?


  • Training volunteers  in child and youth work
  • Training older children in life skills
  • Improve the parenting skills of the families caring for the OVC
  • Drawing up a youth development programme
  • Extend Buhle buzile house to accommodate the increasing numbers of OVC
  • Running a comprehensive HIV/AIDS Training  education
  • Put up a borehole and irrigation system for the vegetable garden
  • Renew the fence of the property
  • Organise psychosocial activities for the OVC


What are our goals?

  • Improved livelihoods and self confidence of the OVC
  • Develop Buhle buzile as a centre social and youth development

What are our objectives?

  • Increasing resilience and self-confidence of the OVC
  • Organising HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
  • Ensuring that children remain in school and have food security
  • Organizing support groups for primary caregivers
  • Provide basic skills in general agriculture to children and the youth
  • Rendering psychosocial support to OVC and their households
  • Organising childcare workshops and training for volunteers


Who are our beneficiaries?

Orphans and vulnerable children and their primary caregivers 


What are our activities?

  • Skills development for child caregivers
  • Income generating projects and training
  • Assisting children with school work
  • Organising child abuse awareness and AIDS education
  • Organising drama, dance and poetry forums
  • Counselling and life skills training for OVC
  • Gardening
  • livestock


 Need for 2014/15

  • Buying of Plot*
  • Training in agricultural skills
  • Borehole windmill for Plot 19
  • Children’s books and colouring books
  • Training for
  • Give bursaries to children who have potential to succeed
  • Chairs  for Kwa Thema Office
  • New Kitchen equipment
  • Tent  for Plot 18
  • Office furniture  for Plot 19 and Thema
  • Shoes  & winter jerseys (for Kids)
  • New toilet  block `1(for kids)
  • Plot for Kwa Thema


 Who runs the organisation?

Management Team:

  • Board members
  • Director
  • Projects Coordinator
  • Three OVC Coordinator
  • Three Administrators
  • 6 Social Auxiliary  W5orkers


Our achievements to date

  • Care for about 600 OVC
  • Bought a plot with and Toyota Quantum with  overseas assistance
  • Trained  5 volunteers in cooking 5 in HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Operates from 2 different townships
  • Provide counselling and food security to 500 children and 140 families
  • Organised a successful STOP child abuse campaign
  • World Aids Day/drug abuse awareness
  • Daily Home visits

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